Welcome to this week’s Christian Carnival! As always, it is lovely to have you here and I hope you enjoy the wide variety of posts that you will find here today. Without further ado, let’s begin.

First cab off the rank, Engelbert Hudson gives us a great resource in 20 Useful Specialty Search Engines for Bible Scholars posted at A Blog of Biblical Proportions.

Courtney Kleppinger presents simple yet compelling argument from design, showing that an argument doesn’t have to be overly complex to hold weight, in Kindergarten Apologetics posted at In His ocean I’m ankle deep.

In a lovely post that examines what is truly valuable, Marisa presents My Prized Possessions posted at Me, You, and Creamed Corn.

One of the things that amazes me about good Christian teaching is that it is as relevant to our lives today in the 21st century as it was to the lives of those who have gone before us, whether it be two thousand or two hundred years ago. We see this timelessness of the Bible’s teachings when Joe Plemon presents 5 Bible Verses John Wesley Used For His Money Decisions posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

Jason Price talks about discontent as a motivating force in When Discontent is a GOOD Thing posted at One Money Design.

Josh presents an extremely comprehensive roundup of Bible verses relating to stregth in Bible Verses About Strength- 25 Encouraging Scripture Quotes posted at What Christians Want To Know.

Timothy Yordy presents a hilarious post about some of the excuses people used to get out of trouble in Old Testament times. Check out An Old Testament Guide to Getting Out of a Jam – Timothy Yordy posted at Timothy Yordy. Number 5 is my preferred method, what’s yours?

Ong Seng Aun presents some useful tips on identifying cults in Cult Checklist – Tipskey posted at Tipskey – Unlock Practicality.

Looking at the last Christian Carnival I was amazed at the beautiful presentation of the post, and of the blog that hosted it. It really is one of the best presented blogs I have ever seen. But, it is not just style, there is substance as Fadi shows in Love your Neighbor as Yourself – Part 1 posted at INSPIKS.

Kaleb shows us that there is no such thing as a harmless sin in The Progression of Sin posted at W2W Soul.

“Reflections on beauty as seen in a dream: Why was I living in this shack when under my very feet was a mansion?” Jennifer in OR presents My Reflection part 2 posted at Diary of 1.

Maryann Spikes (Ichthus77) takes a very comprehensive look at “The Reason for God”, including sermon links, when she presents Blog Discussion and Sermon Ideas for Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God” posted at Ichthus77.

Rey Reynoso takes a look at the topic of the moment when he presents Should Christians Rejoice Over The Death of the Wicked? posted at The Bible Archive.

michelle gives us an admirably honest insight into what she is thinking and feeling in what are you thinking? posted at finding God’s way….

Ridge Burns reflects on the recent Royal Wedding in The Royal Wedding posted at Ridge’s Blog.

A truly lovely post from Paige Carter who presents Paigerific: Even if you fall posted at Paigerific.

The always erudite Jeremy Pierce presents Hezekiah’s post-mature death posted at Parableman. Man, that guy is SMART.

Forgiveness is tough, as Weekend Fisher finds in Problems in forgiveness posted at Heart, Mind, Soul, and Strength.

And finally, my rambling thoughts as I try and come to grips with the celebrations at the death of Osama Bin Laden.

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