Welcome to the 401st (that’s right!) Christian Carnival! As usual, you will find a range of posts, on a range of subjects, but all united by the poster’s desire to share their experience of God. I hope you find something that helps you in your own walk with HIm.

I think at this point it would be more than appropriate to send a shout out to Parableman for his hard work over the years, and his contribution to towards making the Christian Carnival the great resource that it is. He is taking a well earned step back, but I am sure will continue to read his most excellent posts.

I have put people’s posts under the categories they assigned them. As always, if I have forgotten yours please let me know and note that I have posted this under the US timezone, where it is still August 10th, not the 11th as it says (so you know when to look for the next one!).


To get this spiritual party started, Jennifer in OR presents a lovely reflection in Stormy, Yellow Thoughts of Thunder and Puddles posted at Diary of 1.

Michael S. Pearl provides us with an excellent reflection and examination of the moive “The Tree of Life” when he presents The Tree of Life and The Way of Grace posted at The Kindly Ones.

It is not for nothing that Jesus used children as a positive example in many of his teachings, because we can learn a lot from them, as Ridge Burns shows us in the The God Story posted at Ridge’s Blog.

Envy  may be a sin, but I must confess I am little envious of seeing these pictures from Chris Price. As he presents his post  Jan Hus–Pictures of Bethlehem Chapel in Prague posted at American Church History it reminds us of the the vast history of our faith and those who have gone before.

Tonya Duncan presentsa fun little story that holds a deep spiritual truth in The Infamous You Owe Me Coupon posted at No Judging Allowed. I think we can all identify with this!

Social Justice is a an issue that lies hevay on my heart, and I believe that Christians have to be at the forefront of these battles. So, as michelle presents i didn?t know? posted at and she went out…. I say READ IT!!!


Snowball presents the delightfull titled Charles Finney is NOT a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing posted at Rick S. Bell. I have to admit that I hadn’t muck knowledge of Finney before this, so this comprehensive examination was fascinating.

Toni Styles takes a look at one of my favoruite books of the Bible when she presents I digress- Ordinary Life posted at Toni Elizabeth Styles.

Every day I thank God that in Australia we don’t have to worry about how the idea of separation of Church and State is interpreted, and legislated. Billy Hart presents Thomas Jefferson – A Wall of Separation Between Church and State posted at HistoricWords | American History | Founding Fathers | Politics | Faith | Quotes.

Gordan Smith presents a list of sites to avoid in 10 Examples of Cults Going Online posted at Internet Provider.

Deb examines the nature and purpose of apologetics, and their practical application as a way of reaching people rather than just proving them wrong, when she presents Brothers, Birthright and The Good News posted at All Things New.

Kaleb shows the comfort that can be taken in the Word, even in the face of a hostile world, in The World Says posted at W2W Soul.


Barry Wallace points us to a very useful sounding resource when he presents Not all marriage books are created equal posted at who am i?.

Joe Plemon goes to the heart of what prosperity should be about when he presents A Prosperity Theology Dilemma: What Does “Living Like a King’s Kid” Really Mean? posted at Personal Finance By The Book.

Russ White talks about the importance of managing expectations in The Power of Expectations « Thinking in Christ posted at Thinking in Christ.

Isabel Anders presents a lovely piece in How Soul Moments Begin | BlogHer posted at BlogHer. I love the J.M. Barrie quote!

Jason Price presents an extremely useful post about balancing generosity and following God’s will in Finding our Own Calling for Biblical Giving posted at One Money Design.


Jeremy Pierce always gives us real meat for the mind, and it is no exception when he presents When Avoiding Inclusive Language Becomes Mistranslation posted at Parableman. Words ARE important, and we need to think about the ones we use rather than taking them for granted.

Finally, I wanted to share some preaching tips here. I hope they will be of some use.

Thanks for popping by, and I pray that God will use all these posts to help us serve Him better! Look out for next weeks at The Bible Archive.