As you can guess from the state of neglect in which you find this blog, I haven’t around here much. It’s not a sign I have turned my back on my faith, or stopped writing, in fact the opposite is true. I have been focussing my energies on my speculative ficton writing (with a pleasing amount of success), and have also been writing Christian resources and articles that due to copyright I can’t always share here.

So, it looks like this will be the last Christian Carnival I will be hosting for a long time, but I thank God for the fact that at number 430 it is still going strong (stronger than ever), and it is somehow deeply reassuring to know that whatever I might be doing, I will always be able to come back and find a Christian Carnival to read. Speaking of which, enoguh from me, here is a Christian Carnival to read!

Amber at So Love That brings us a “Mother Daughter Challenge” -  This is an idea of a Bible reading and prayer challenge that a mom and daughter can do together!

Something I certainly could use, Kevin brings us a guest post from Jason, who shares 10 Ways to Save Money on Gasoline this Summer   at the One Money Design  blog.  -”Do what you can to avoid traffic jams to save money on gasoline this summer and also follow these 9 additional tips…”
In May Gray, Rebecca LuElla Miller of   A Christian Worldview of Fiction  shares a  devotional   -  Thoughts about God’s self-existence precipitated by a Southern California weather phenomenon known as May Gray.

” {God} is, in fact, I AM, the self-existent One. He is — whether we are or not, whether we believe He is or not, whether we see Him or not. Simply put, He is in no way dependent upon us. He is complete in Himself, content, self-contained, in need of nothing. We can not add to Him or take away any of His value. His love is not diminished no matter how much He gives it away. Neither is His mercy or goodness or righteousness or any other quality that is His.”

Neil Schultz  of Church Leaders Campfire shares his post,  Tintin ministry failure and pain, saying “This is a blog post I wrote on the idea that we are not failures when we go through pain and yes… make mistakes”.

In another wonderful devotional entitled Rise Up, O Men of God,   Barry Wallace  of  who am i?  shares a classic hymn:

“Rise up, O men of God!
Have done with lesser things.
Give heart and mind and soul and strength
To serve the King of kings.”

Michael  of  Prayers for Special Help  turns the Biblical spotlight on healing in Healing in the Bible   – What does the Bible say about healing?  Should we turn to God when faced with ailing health?  Let’s turn to the scriptures and examine this subject closer.

Ridge Burns  of Ridge’s Blog  reflects on the significance of Flags 

At InFaith’s Mission Blog, Debbie Woodard  shares a lovely devotional,Walking with God

“As I walked during the daytime, I was filled with joy when I heard the birds singing and fluttering in the trees; I was filled with serenity when I saw the painted skies at sunset, and I experienced an immense joy when I saw the stars in the night sky silhouetting the tree branches all around me.”

Writing on a subject that I am passionate about, Sarah of This is what Sed Said talks about Christians and the Environment, asking how we, as   Christians, should respond to environmental issues.Great stuff, and I couldn’t agree more!

Sue of  Abstractions  asks,  “What does it mean to each of us to ‘love our neighour as ourselves’?” in Love is…

And just to prove I haven’t been completely idle, I have shared my latest article. I respond to the idea that Crucifixion needs not be a historical fact to be spiritually important.

Thanks so much for dropping by! Remember you can find out more about the Carnival here, and submit articles to future carnivals here.